Rexroth F8000 Error Code

F8000 is the Rexroth IndraDrive code for fatal hardware errors. Fatal errors are the ones that make your machinery take things into its own hands by shutting down.

You won’t often see “F8000” on your drive controller display. The message will be quickly followed by the best possible deceleration and a shutdown, plus a more specific diagnostic message.

Wait — there’s more!

The message can get more specific because F8000 is actually a collective term for a pair of errors. These are the fatal hardware errors that can show up while the machine is at work.The other F8xxx messages are for fatal hardware errors that come up during initialization. These errors typically require not only complete shutdown but also a complete new round of safety commissioning.

There are two different kinds of F8000 fatal hardware errors:

  • “F8060 Overcurrent in power section”
  • “F8069 +/-15Volt DC error”

In neither case do you want your controller to hang around waiting for someone to notice the problem and make a decision.

An overcurrent in the power section can result from a short circuit, a ground fault, or an overload. The safety issues involved are obvious; a fire is one of the best case scenarios. The machinery has to be shut down until the electrical issues are resolved.

The +/- 15 Volt DC error is very likely to be caused by a faulty power supply. Rexroth components use modular design. Instead of trying to repair a component while it’s in use, you can simply pull off the faulty unit and replace it with a good one. Check the model number of your power supply, call us for an emergency replacement unit, and you can be up and running again in a very short time. This allows you to avoid costly downtime.

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