Rexroth Fatal Errors

A fatal error is what it sounds like. In the drive system, the drive simply can’t work. The error cannot be cleared. There is such a severe problem with the hardware or firmware that the drive has to shut down.

The 24 volt power supply must be completely shut down. The drive has to be run up to operating mode again so that it can be powered up.

But the fatal error can’t just be shut off and shut on again. It’s essential to find the root cause of the problem and to fix it.

Error codes can help

The specific error codes can help Rexroth technicians pinpoint the source of the error in order to repair the drive. Factory repair is the only real solution for a Rexroth fatal error.

If you have the original manual, you can check the error code and get an idea of what the problem might be.

If you don’t have the original manual, you can request a new manual from us and we will get it to you quickly.

When you see a fatal error code, it may be caused by an electrical fault that is likely to lead to a fire or explosion if you leave the machine running so you can watch it and think about what to do. In this case, the machine will not allow you to keep it running. It will shut down the machine for your own good.

How to fix a fatal error

Rexroth industrial motion control components cannot be repaired on the machine. Calling in your local fix-it guy won’t solve the problem.

Fortunately, the modular design of Rexroth electric motion control systems allows you to pull the faulty drive off the machine. Replace the unit with a good one, and you can be back up and running in minutes.

We have the largest selection of refurbished replacement units in the nation. We can ship an emergency replacement unit to you so you can avoid downtime. With the replacement unit in place, you can relax while your faulty unit is repaired at the factory.

Factory repair is not just identifying a problem and patching it together. All wearing parts are replaced and the unit returns to you with a new warranty.

Want to keep the replacement part and have the problem solved as fast as possible? You can do that. Your factory repaired part can return to you for a back up, or stay in our inventory. Call now to discuss your specific needs.

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