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IndraDrive ML is the newest electric drive system produced by Rexroth. These drives are used for applications requiring high power, such as metal forming and plastics. Rexroth describes the IndraDrive ML as the most scaleable drive available. It’s also energy efficient and compact, with a small footprint that makes it versatile as well as powerful.

Now the IndraDrive ML is helping Fjord Maritime reduce fuel consumption on their fish feed barges by up to 60%. They allow diesel generators to function with less run time and reduce emissions significantly.

The current fish feed barges are being retrofitted with the new technology, but future barges will be able to use smaller motors, further improving sustainability.

Fish feed barges?

If your business is farming fish, you need fish feed barges to get feed to your watery livestock. Whether your barges are seafaring or working in land-based aquaculture, they provide the means to feed the fish and a workspace for your team.

The new drive systems reduce the amount of time generators must run. This can have far-reaching consequences. For example, the noise pollution problems will be reduced, and less maintenance will be required for the generators and the motors that run them.

Rexroth sees the custom product they’ve created for the fish feed barges as a starting point for many more applications. Hospitals, for example, share common needs with fish feed barges. They require a very high level of reliability, face irregular power demands, and put safety at a priority.

The new systems allow hybrid energy use. Rexroth sees hospitals using this system being able to take advantage of wind power and other sustainable energy sources. At present, workplaces that emphasize safety and reliability may hesitate to use sustainable energy sources for fear of limiting available power. The new system, which includes energy storage capability, can extend the use of renewable energy sources without threatening safety.

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