Rexroth Flexibility

CPG manufacturing and packaging continues to be increasingly about flexibility.

Flexibility can be the enemy of efficiency. When you have to stop a line and change for a new package or formulation, you’re wasting time. But there are ever more reasons to do so:

  • Special packaging to meet the requirements of specific retailers
  • A/B testing of packaging for marketing
  • Small runs for local companies
  • Special promotional packaging
  • House brands
  • Responsiveness to seasonal requirements
  • Changing packaging regulations from government entitities
  • Consumer push for “artisanal” look and feel
  • Consumer push for customization

As retailers and consumers push for more control and flexibility at low prices, manufacturing is put on the spot.

Fortunately, Rexroth can handle flexibility.

If you need ideas on retrofitting and upgrading, ways to keep legacy componenets and new components working in harmony, or just service and adjustment to your Rexroth motion control, we can help.

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