Rexroth for Extreme Environments

IndraControl XM has been certified by six boards in America and in Europe for marine environments and offshore installations, including extreme environments.

What’s an extreme environment? After all, Rexroth industrial motion control systems have been functioning perfectly in washdown environments for decades. It’s not as though they’re prima donnas requiring ideal conditions for performance.

The right ambient temperature range, the right voltage, and the right parameters — that’s all Rexroth motion control has ever demanded.

The IndraControl XM series, which is suited to electric motion control as well as hydraulic and hybrid needs, is fine on the high seas. In metallurgy applications. In extreme temperatures, -25 to +60 ° C. Under conditions of high electromagnetic radiation. In explosive environments. For oil and gas drilling.

In other words, environments that are generally too extreme for human beings.

The need to do work in unsafe environments has always been a primary argument for automation. The IndraControl XM series takes the idea a step further. It offers the same high performance as other Rexroth electric drive and control solutions, with even more robust hardware.

Rexroth industrial motion control is of such high quality that we recommend it for all electric motion control applications. You’ll find Rexroth motion control in projects ranging from the Eiffel Tower to the Panama Canal.

Now you can implement Rexroth drive and control under the most extreme conditions.

Even in less exotic situations, you can count on us for Rexroth motion control support. We offer phone support, field support, factory repair and Reman, as well as the largest selection of emergency replacement units in the country.

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