Rexroth-funded Center of Excellence Opening in India


Rexroth is funding the first Center of Excellence in Industry 4.0 Automation Technology to open in India. The Center is being established at the Vishwakarma Government Engineering College under Gujarat Technological University in Ahmedabad.

Rexroth is a global leader in Industry 4.0 technology.The company also has a long history of supporting integrated government/industry/education initiatives for training in new technologies.

With government and corporate funding, Rexroth has put into place four labs: Pneumatic Lab, Hydraulic Lab, PLC Lab, Robotic & Mechatronics Lab and Sensor Lab. These labs will be open to students and will also offer opportunities for research into automation.

Rexroth also backed the C. V. Raman Bosch Rexroth Centre of Excellence in 2010. This Center focused on basic automation. “Full benefit of automation can only be realized when fundamental principles governing these areas of study are properly understood,” a statement at the Center’s website says.

India has been making enormous efforts during the 21st century to enter fully into the global marketplace. “India lost out during the manufacturing revolution of the late 20th century<” LiveMint says, but “in September 2014, the National Democratic Alliance government launched Make in India as a landmark policy to turbocharge the manufacturing sector and seize back the lost opportunity.”

To join the new manufacturing boom, India will have to make it easier for global partners to do business in India. Until recently, it was very difficult for non-Indian companies to establish themselves legally in India. Direct Foreign Investment was difficult.

India will also have to work on its infrastructure and step up the quality of manufacturing in its factories. Skipping over the late 20th century manufacturing boom and moving right on to Industry 4.0 may turn out to be a wise move.


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