Rexroth Gets into Hot Water

More accurately, Rexroth helped venerable tea company Yamamotoyama get out of hot water with their product packaging machinery.

Yamamotoyama began as a company in 1690, giving it an even longer pedigree than Rexroth.One of their most important accomplishments was to make green tea available to everyone, not just to the wealthy. They still specialize in green tea and nori (seaweed), but now have dozens of varieties and flavors of tea, from apple to mint, oolong to chai.

Each minute, their packing machines can produce 300 tea bags — 18 boxes. Each machine produces a single flavor of tea. These boxes of tea bags must then be packed into palettes with 12 boxes each of multiple varieties of tea.

Yamamotoyama needed a conveyor system which could organize the cartons of tea into dozens and transport the right quantities to the case packing machines. They needed a conveyor system which could make maximum use of space by transporting vertically or horizontally, with tight curves in limited space. It also had to keep the shelf-ready cartons undamaged and looking good for maximum shelf appeal.

Rexroth had the right system: The VarioFlow plus conveyor system. It has a smooth plastic surface with impressive flexibility and a narrow footprint. The system was configured to count out six cartons of tea at a time. Two pushes of one kind of tea — six boxes per push — head toward the case packer. The boxes are rotated upright for printing and palletizing by a robot palletizer.

Not only did this system increase speed and accuracy, but it also reduced energy use by 42%.

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