Rexroth HCS

Rexroth produces top quality electric servo drives, controls, and motors. The current drive offerings include HCS202 and HCS203, Rexroth’s standard converter servo drives.

These drives are in the range called IndraDrive C. “IndraDrive” is a reference to the Indramat electric drive and control systems Rexroth acquired in the 20th century. While they kept Rexroth Indramat as the brand name for a couple of decades, the current generation of Rexroth electric servo motors, drives, and controls use new variations on the name, like IndraDyn (servo motors), IndraDrive, IndraMotion, and IndraWorks.

Think of it as a way of honoring the excellence of the original Indramat servos while acknowledging the technological innovation Rexroth has continued to bring to electric motion control.

The IndraDrive series includes power and control sections. Within the power sections you’ll find IndraDrive C (standard) and IndraDrive Cs (compact) converters as well as the inverters: IndraDrive ML, IndraDrive M, and IndraDrive Mi.

The IndraDrive C series sports integrated inverters and power supply modules. They’re designed to control single axes at two power levels. HCS02 has a power range of 1.5 kw to 11 kw. HCS03 ranges from 18.5 kw to 75 kw.

In their normal configuration, these drives are not regenerative.

Available accessories include brake units, brake resistors, mains filters, mains chokes, and capacity modules.

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