Rexroth Heads West

Rexroth opened a facility in Pleasanton, California, in the 1990s, using the space there mostly for sales. In 2006, the space expanded slightly to work on semi-conductors and medical technology. Then parent company Bosch invested $40 million in a 104,000 sq. ft. research facility just up the road in Sunnyvale. Now, the Pleasanton office has grown into a multi-use facility that includes conference rooms as well as workrooms and a prototype shop where Rexroth engineers can work with new customers in semiconductors, aerospace, and electric vehicle markets.

With a solid population of engineers on the East Coast, Rexroth is ready to build out its team on the West Coast. One of the main activities planned for the Pleasanton facility is to build proof of concept devices.

The Pleasanton space will provide increased capacity and plenty of new jobs. The company’s capacity in California has increased by 30% since 2016, and Rexroth expects to continue the expansion into the future. This growth should bring Rexroth closer to key clients and give a new audience access to Rexroth innovation.

Rexroth is all about innovation, but many of our clients still have drive and control systems in place from the 20th century. Often, you don’t even realize those components are in service until one day something goes wrong. You track the cables to a dusty cabinet, open the cabinet, and find a device with the mystic words “Rexroth” or “Indramat” on the side.

You may be tempted to grab a screwdriver or to call the guys at Bob’s Live Bait and Servo Repair, but you shouldn’t. Rexroth drive and control systems are not designed to be repaired on the machine. They’re designed modularly, to be pulled off the machine and replaced or factory repaired. As Rexroth specialists for many decades, we can provide the phone support you need to troubleshoot the problem, the field support you need to solve the problem, and the factory reman and repair that will really make your problem go away.

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