Rexroth Heatsink Error Codes

Rexroth heatsink error codes include several different codes associated with different modules.

E250 Drive Overtemperature Prewarning

When the temperature of the drive’s heatsink reaches the maximum temperature, the drive will hold steady for 30 seconds, allowing the completion of the process. Then the drive controller will perform the best possible deceleration. The most common cause is excessive ambient temperature.

F218 Heatsink Overtemperature Shutdown

AKA Amplifier Overtemperature Shutdown. This means that the amplifier’s heatsink has reached too high a temperature and it needs to be shut down to avoid damage. This can be caused by ambient temperatures that are too high or by dirt in the heatsink. Problems with the cabinet, a defective blower, or configurations that don’t allow proper airflow can also cause this problem.

The solutions to these issues are cleaning, cooling, and making sure that the heatsink has adequate ventilation.

F318 Heatsink Overtemperature Fault Power Supply Unit

In this case, the power supply switches off because the heatsink temperature is too high. The most likely cause is that the ambient temperature is too high. The next most likely cause is overloading.

Avoiding heatsink errors

A heatsink is a device for dealing with excessive heat. But there are limits to what a heatsink can handle. Every Rexroth electric motion control device has a maximum ambient temperature. If your Rexroth servos were commissioned 20 years ago, it’s very possible that the ambient temperature in your facility is now higher than it was back then. It’s also likely that nobody knows for sure what the maximum temperature is. The people who knew have either forgotten or retired or both, and it’s not the kind of thing you check for regularly (though maybe you should).

Request a manual for your Rexroth electric motion control devices and check the ambient temperature requirements. Check the ambient temperature on the shop floor and fix any problems you discover.

Don’t try to fix the problem by opening the cabinet and pointing a fan toward the device. You’ll just end up blowing dust and dirt in, and that’s another common cause of heatsink errors.

Do open the cabinet, clean it, and check to make sure that the blower is working.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, give us a call. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control.

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