Rexroth Heritage Continues


In 1887, Robert Bosch’s workshop created the first low voltage magneto for gasoline engines, and a decade later they came up with the first low-voltage magneto starter for internal combustion engines. In 1902, they built the first commercially viable spark plug, and in 1913 they created headlights. They made windshield wipers in 1926 and car radios in 1932. In 1936, they developed the first diesel fuel injection pump for cars. When Bosch got together with Rexroth and then Bosch Rexroth took on Indramat, the technological reach of the company extended further into the building of automobiles.

It’s fair to say that our modern driving experience would be very different without Rexroth.

Now, entering into a partnership with Azura Engineering, Bosch Rexroth is an essential part of new automotive electronics for Bentley, Aston Martin, and Ford among other auto manufacturers.

The company expects to create remote diagnostics solutions as well as new control systems integrating Azura software with Rexroth hardware.

Robert Bosch, when he opened his engineering workshop more than a century ago, couldn’t have anticipated just how important his company would become in the history of the automobile. He couldn’t have imagined the kinds of changes the world would see in vehicles powered by engines.

He would have been pleased to see that his legacy of innovation and excellence has continued.

For more than a century, the companies that now make up Bosch Rexroth have been leaders in technology. We can help keep your Rexroth industrial motion control devices working correctly. We provide phone support, field support, factory repair and reman. Contact us today if you need help with Rexroth legacy or current machinery.

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