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wind-turbine-by-pkorsmokRexroth has been on the cutting edge of wind power technology since its first beginnings in the early 1980s, says a new article by Drive & Control Magazine. Wind turbines require safe and efficient use of reliable machinery to be profitable and being able to make minute adjustments automatically is important for wind turbine success. Rexroth has developed servo and hydraulic based solutions for the special needs of wind turbines.

Inside a wind turbine is a planetary gear system that allows the entire head of the wind turbine to be moved towards the direction of the wind with small changes enough to get the optimal level of energy generated. But to really get the most out of wind turbines, the blades need to be adjusted to best allows air flow to make them turn and generate electricity. Rexroth has developed two different solutions for this problem, one servo based and one hydraulic based.

Electronic servo drives can act much more quickly than hydraulic systems and are often more cost effective and easy to install than hydraulic components. Servos are also cheaper to repair because component costs are lower than hydraulic parts and use far less energy to operate. When you’re trying to generate electricity for profit, every cent towards saving power on your equipment is a must and servos can help you do that.

Rexroth servos inside wind turbines work by moving gears to change the angle of the blade, allowing the blade to be positioned for optimal energy generation. Since the wind changes quite quickly, it’s important to be able to respond quickly to changes to get the most out of your wind turbines.

Is wind power the solution for future energy? We don’t know yet, but it’s good to know that Rexroth is in the vanguard.

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