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Since 1974, Rexroth has been working with manufacturers in India from its facilities in Ahmedabad, Bangalore. In 2013, Rexroth built a state of the art factory in Sanand. And now, Rexroth is supporting the Make in India campaign (or the Make in India movement, as it is sometimes called), working toward making India a manufacturing hub.

A new book by Richard Dobbs, James Manyika, and Jonathan Woetzel, No Ordinary Disruption, suggests that the “economic center of gravity,” which was clearly in China and India in the years from 1 to 1500 and just as clearly in North America by 1945, is shifting back toward China and India. “By 2025,” the authors claim, “the economic center of gravity is expected to be back in Central Asia, just north of where it was in the year 1.”

The concept of the economic center of gravity is not an abstract one. It’s a matter of measuring GDP in locations around the world in three dimensions, then projecting the center onto the nearest point on the earth’s surface. The link above will take you to a chart showing the progress of this center of gravity over time.

At the moment, Make in India is behind Made in America, but the government is solidly behind it and working to make it easier to do business in India.

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