Rexroth Intern Speaks Out


Rexroth is known for intense support of education and connection with classroom training. It’s an outgrowth of their European roots, with a long tradition of apprenticeships, and its also their way to address the skills gap which is creating so many problems for manufacturers in the U.S.

But what is it like to work as an intern for Rexroth? One intern, Tom Casselden, shared his experience in The Engineer. Naturally, he was excited about the opportunity to combine academic learning about engineering with hands-on work in a real industrial facility. But beyond that, Casselden took his experiences beyond both the classroom and the workplace.

Casselden has a love of skiing, and he likes to design his own skiis. His modular designs took him to the finals of the Innovation Hothouse in 2012, and he thinks they also were instrumental in his being chosen for the internship with Rexroth. During the internship, he continued working on his designs, and his continued enthusiasm for engineering is clear.

That led him to an interest in patents and design, and he is now an applications engineer at Rexroth. The value of the internship program for this intern is clear — along with the value of this and similar programs for manufacturing in general.

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