Rexroth Introduces Industrial Levitation

Levitation is a magic trick — but it’s also a real thing, when it involves magnets pushing each other apart. Rexroth has brought this impressive force to bear in a new approach to conveyor belts.

Workpieces don’t have to rest on the conveyor belt surface. Instead they can waft silently across space from one work site to another. They’re powered by magnets, and have electric systems for free rotation and accurate placement. Still, there are no magnetic or electric fields generated on top of the workpieces.

So far, the system can transport workpieces weighing up to three pounds, but the goal is 40 pounds.

The system will not generate any heat. It is expected to be in pilot installations next year and should go to market in the next two years.

Why levitation in the factory?

Clean room applications, microassembly, semiconductor production, and packaging are anticipated use cases.

Rexroth developed LeviMotion several years ago to provide transport without any chance of particulate contamination for the semiconductor industry. The new system builds on those early tests.

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