Rexroth IoT Connector

Collecting and analyzing information from automated machinery is essential for a competitive workspace today. But how can a manufacturer take advantage of that opportunity? Rexroth’s IoT Connector is a perfect solution.

The IoT Connector currently works with connected welding controls.

  1. It facilitates the seamless communication of data between connected devices and systems. This involves the transmission of data to a centralized platform or cloud service where it can be processed, analyzed, and used for decision-making.The IoT connector uses two languages for this purpose.

    MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is like a specialized delivery service for information, designed to work well in situations where the internet connection might not be super fast. It’s great for sending lots of information. The information is sent is through JSON, which is a language-independent format derived from JavaScript but used in many programs.

    On the other hand, OPC UA (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control Unified Architecture) is a bit more versatile. It doesn’t just transport the data from machines; it also helps describe that data in a way that machines can easily understand. This makes it possible to send the data up to the cloud, analyze it there, and then send the results back to the control system. This whole process is like the foundation for applications that involve cool things like machine learning and artificial intelligence. So, while MQTT is great for sending lots of data efficiently, OPC UA adds an extra layer by making sure that data is described in a way that smart machines can make sense of it, opening up possibilities for advanced technologies like AI.

  2. Cloud Connectivity

  3. Integration with cloud platforms is a crucial aspect of industrial IoT. The Rexroth IoT Connector enables connectivity with cloud services, allowing organizations to store and manage data centrally, implement advanced analytics, and access insights from anywhere.
  4. Rexroth prioritizes robust security measures. This includes encryption, authentication protocols, and other features to protect data integrity and prevent unauthorized access. At the same time, the IoT Connector is an open system, so it’s easy to integrate into a work environment.
  5. Analytics and Insights

  6. Beyond basic connectivity, the IoT connector offers tools for data analytics and visualization. This can empower organizations to derive actionable insights from the collected data, enabling predictive maintenance, process optimization, and overall performance improvement.
  7. It also enables users to monitor equipment performance, troubleshoot issues remotely, and even implement control commands through a secure interface.
  8. The usability of the IoT connector is crucial for its effective implementation. A well-designed interface makes it easier for operators and engineers to configure, monitor, and manage the connected devices and systems.

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