Rexroth IoT Gateway Makes Best Use of Data

No matter how exciting the new technology, industrial machines have a lifespan that’s too long for most of us to see everything replaced at once. Most facilities have a mix of old and new machinery from many different makers and time depths. Rexroth’s IoT Gateway is making it possible to connect old and new machinery and collect data as needed without disrupting your current automation workflow.

Retrofitting old machines has been shown, in Rexroth’s testing, to increase equipment efficiency by 5% and decrease downtime by 25%. This is without modernizing facilities or changing either the machinery or the processes. Collecting and using the right data to improve processes adds even more value.

We often see Rexroth electric motion control systems that are still in service after decades of use. Being able to bring these components along as greater levels of automation and connectivity become the norm will lead to significant savings.

IoT applications with older machinery are completely practical.

Sensors gathering information about temperature and vibration can alert you to possible maintenance needs for your existing machinery. Humidity sensors can signal issues with packaging materials. Workpieces can be tracked as they make their way through the production process.

The IoT Gateway dashboard allows you to monitor information from all machinery at once, regardless of the original manufacturer and without interfering with programming. Connect that essential data with databases and cloud systems as needed, and use a variety of software for analysis.

The flexibility of the Gateway allows you to gather and analyze just the information you need. This makes it possible to gain the advantages of industrial IoT connectivity without overcomplicating your life.

As specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, we can help keep your legacy systems running, provide new systems as needed, and make sure the old and new work together. Call 479-422-0390 to discuss your needs.

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