Rexroth Joins an Adventure

coldestjourneySir Ranulph Fiennes’ polar expedition, The Coldest Journey, will be the first attempt to cross the Antarctic during winter. Previous attempts have made it no further than 60 miles, but this expedition plans to cover 2,000 miles over a period of six months, mostly in the dark and at temperatures nearing 200 degrees below zero.

The expedition will undertake a number of scientific efforts, including measurement of the polar ice cap, as well as educational initiatives.

This is one of the last great expeditions — one of the few remaining things people have not yet accomplished.

Rexroth Bosch built the back-up heat generating system for the expedition, along with drive and control components and some special valves for the Caterpillars they’ll be using. These are hydraulic components, while we work exclusively with electric ones, so there’s no point in Ranulph and his team calling us. However, you should certainly contact us whenever you need service and support for your Rexroth electric motion control.

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