Rexroth Leadership in Automation First Team Honorees

Every year, Automation World readers vote for their favorite automation companies. Again in 2019, Rexroth is on the list of Leadership in Automation First Team Honorees. Rexroth has been honored in Drives, Hydraulics, Industrial PCs, Maintenance and Reliability Software, and Motors.

Readers are not given a list of candidates to choose from. They must write in their choices. This means that they are not influenced by a list or restricted to certain companies. They speak from their hearts.

And Rexroth naturally has a place in their hearts. Or six places.

Rexroth also has a place in our hearts

We’re Rexroth specialists. Whether you’re using legacy components or the newest technology from Rexroth, we know Rexroth drive and control systems like the back of our hands. With decades of specialized experience, we can often diagnose your problem over the phone. We provide field support when you need it and we can get your faulty drives, motors, and controls repaired and back in service fast.

You have other options, of course. You can go a general electronics repair shop and hope they can help. In our experience, they usually can’t. Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third-party repair shops. They also don’t train or certify technicians in third-party repair shops. Using a third-party shop voids your warranty, but it doesn’t provide you with a new warranty.

Factory repair brings your machinery back to you in like-new condition with a new warranty.

Keep your first-team components in trim. We’ll be happy to help.


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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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