Rexroth Linear Motion Designer Update

The Rexroth Linear Motion Designer has been updated to offer a more intuitive user interface. Enter dynamics, mass, force, and other process data, and the Designer uses an updated algorithm to calculate maximum torque drive and the correct dimensions for your linear motion system.

At that point, you can download a CAD model without entering information again.

It’s a far cry from Henry Ford’s assembly line. Ford took the idea of the assembly line, which was used in canning, mining, and a few other industries, and revolutionized car manufacturing. His new methods brought the time involved in building a car down from 12 hours to 2.5.

The result, within just a few years, was an automobile that was affordable for many Americans. Standardization, interchangeable parts, conveyor belts carrying workpieces from one work station to another — these elements from Henry Ford’s systems continue to make the assembly line work, even today.

Increased automation allows industrial robots to do a lot of the tasks along an assembly line. You won’t find a man at every workstation now. The conveyor systems themselves are made of new materials and designed to handle all kinds of challenges. New design allows conveyor systems to do more in less space. And of course sensors all communication among machines and workpieces, so conveyor systems can now sense workpieces and route them to the right workstations.

At the workstations, machines can recognize the data from workpieces’ RFID and take the needed actions. Conveyor belts are firmly integrated into the emerging world of Industry 4.0. And Rexroth, a leader in Industry 4.0, is making it work.

Whether you use Rexroth’s latest innovations or earliest legacy parts, we can help. We’re specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We offer support for all your Rexroth electric motion control needs. One call is all it takes.


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