Rexroth Makes a … Screwdriver?


Rexroth makes the best motion control systems on the planet. They’ve been instrumental in building drive and control systems for the Eiffel Tower, the Panama Canal, and the hottest soccer fields in the world.

And now they’ve made… a screwdriver? Yes. Following its intelligent nut runner, Rexroth now has an intelligent screwdriver.

It’s not just any screwdriver. It’s a radio cordless screwdriver that collects and transmits data. Rexroth has demonstrated this new whiz of a tool in auto assembly. A screw gets put in wrong, production stops until it’s fixed.

In other words, this is an IIoT, Industry 4.0 type screwdriver.

It’s just another sign of Rexroth’s leadership in the Industrial Internet of Things and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At this point, being able to track data from something as small as a screw can improve functioning in your factory. Collecting data at that level may provide value in he future that we can’t even foresee today. So why not have a smart screwdriver?

If you have Rexroth electric motion control in your facility, you’re lucky. Many of the legacy machines of the 20th century are still in service, chugging along without drawing attention. Many of our clients call us because a Rexroth legacy machine from the 20h century — even an Indramat machine from the 1970s — has finally had a problem. Seeing “Rexroth” on the packaging, they contact us for help.

A need for service or support doesn’t mean you need to replace or even upgrade your machinery. Often, we can help over the phone. You may need to replace a cable or a battery, to fix a connection, or to reset parameters.

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