Rexroth Makes the Best Motion Control on the Planet — and Beyond


We’ve always said that Rexroth makes the best motion control on the planet. This is why we can so frequently report on the amazing cool stuff Rexroth is involved in:

There’s more — lots more. If there’s something cool going on anywhere on earth, from oceanic alternative energy to gigantic dams, Rexroth is probably in there somewhere, making things end up in the right places.

So it should not be a surprise that Rexroth is involved in the NASA trip to Jupiter. Specifically, Rexroth created the technology that allows the good spaceship Juno to communicate with the earth.

Juno is orbiting Jupiter. It will complete 37 orbits, taking pictures all the while. It’s powered by multiple solar arrays consisting of a total of 18,698 solar cells. It took almost five years from launch to arrival in Jupiter’s atmosphere. NASA was relieved that Juno and her cameras survived entry into the radiation belts of Jupiter. So far, instruments show no degradation. This is because they have a very special shield.

Not only is this one of the coolest things happening on earth, it is arguably happening beyond the earth.

It’s almost as cool and amazing that Rexroth legacy drives, controls, and servos are often still functioning after decades in service. Many are more than twice as old as their official service life limit, and have not even needed service.

When they do need service — or if you know that your Rexroth motion control could use some maintenance and you want to avoid emergency calls — we can help.

As for the new Rexroth motion control, it too is extremely amazing and cool. It’s safer and more energy-saving than the legacy systems, and we’ll be happy to help you configure new systems if you’re ready for that.


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