Rexroth Mechatronics


Rexroth exhibited new cabinet-free hardware at Pack Expo, but they also emphasized mechatronics, “the intelligent selection and integration of mechanical and electronic components to accomplish complex automated manufacturing tasks,” as Rexroth defines it.

Rexroth’s exhibit, Mechatronics @ Work, focused on four key principles of mechatronics:

  1. Intelligent integration is the key to effective motion control.
  2. Energy efficiency is increasingly a top metric in packaging.
  3. Modular technology can adapt to tech changes quickly.
  4. Ease of use for optimum human interaction.

The display let conference attendees get a direct experience of machines performing packaging functions like conveying, pick-and-place, multi-axis motion, and advanced motion control. The close view takes mechatronics out of the abstract and into practical reality.

While the exhibit used IndraMotion and IndraControl solutions, the concepts are relevant to your operations even if you’re using legacy Rexroth motion control technology.

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