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A recent study found that parents using a dosing cup to give their young children liquid medicine made mistakes in the dosage 43% of the time. If they used an oral syringe, the percentage of inaccurate doses fell to 16%. 20% of the errors in the study were serious overdoses — at least twice the correct dose of medicine.

Obviously, parents need education about their kids’ medications. But look how much difference the packaging can make. That’s just one data point in an impressive collection of information showing just how important medical packaging is.

Rexroth presented some new technologies for medical packaging at Pharma Expo 2016.

First, the FLT vial filling system. This is a small but mighty machine that fills with precision and then double checks to make sure that every single vial is completely accurate by weight. The system, which is a mobile station that can move on casters for maximum versatility, can fill 30 vials per minute.

Vials are filled from the bottom up, stoppered, and capped at stations in the mobile system. An overgassing station to reduce exposure to oxygen is also available. The entire system is powered by Rexroth electric servo motors and a peristaltic pump.

Rexroth also makes an enclosure for the system for security.

Along with the FLT vial system, Rexroth also presented the GKF 2600 capsule filler. Rexroth’s passion for accuracy shows up in this machine, which spits out 156,600 capsules per hour. An integrated checkweight system ensures maximum accuracy.

Rexroth has favored modular design for decades, and this expertise pays off with the GFK. It’s a matter of minutes to reconfigure the machine for a new capsule. By reducing downtime and loss through faulty product, the GFK keeps costs down and efficiency up.

The GKF is designed for use with Rexroth servos, drives, and controls, for a one-stop solution.

If  you use Rexroth electric motion control systems, we can help you keep everything running smoothly.

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