Rexroth Motion Control Manuals

Rexroth began with a water-powered hammer mill in 1795. Having produced hammers for quite a while, Rexroth moved on to other kinds of tools. In 1965, they bought Indramat, an innovative producer of electric drive and control systems. Indramat became the electric motion control arm of Rexroth, and the company continues to honor them in the names of their current generation of electric control systems: IndraDrive, IndraWorks, and so forth.

By their two hundredth anniversary, Rexroth was producing motion control for the major engineering feats of the world — and beyond, since they were producing machinery for the European Space Station.

Entering the 21st century, Rexroth merged with Bosch Automation. The company continued to produce innovative solutions for motion control, including IndraDrive Mi, the first motor-integrated servo controller, and hydraulic-electric integrations. Rexroth assisted with projects like the Panama Canal, the renovation of the Eiffel Tower’s elevators, and engineering solutions for flooding in the canals of Venice.

Now, Rexroth is on the cutting edge of Industry 4.0.

But if you have Indramat machinery in your factory, you may not know where to look for a manual.

That machinery has been serving you steadily for decades, and you might not realize that you need to look for Rexroth when you need an Indramat manual.

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