Rexroth Motors and Washdown

Rexroth Servo motors are used successfully in a variety of different industries. They perform their job amazingly well with little or no maintenance for years. Then, there are washdown environments…

No washdown rated motors

Rexroth doesn’t actually make a washdown rated servo motor. They do make a couple of special option code motors with Steelite paint, but that does not make them washdown rated. We have had several clients who had OEMs supply them with lines using Rexroth motors that were having premature failures (sometimes in mere weeks). To say the least, this was not making them happy.

No motor is going to handle having a 3000psi washer spray pointed at the shaft end, whether it’s washdown rated or not.

A workaround

However, there is a way to help extend the life of Rexroth motors in a washdown environment. Rexroth makes an Air Kit for these motors, allowing you to run a 1/8” air line to the motor and put a few lbs of air in the case (please use a regulator and filter!). The Air Kits cost less than NDA shipping on a replacement motor. For our clients in washdown environments, adding the Air Kits has given them exceptional extensions on the life of the motors.

We would like to give you an estimate of how much better the life is with an Air Kit, but nobody we have convinced to buy these has ever come back for another motor (yet).

The Air Kits are not a silver bullet. If someone points a washer at a seam, the water will blast through. But for water on the case, the flow of air out of the motor keeps the water from coming into the interior. This can extend the life for years. Long life, low downtime, and reduced operating costs: these are the things Rexroth brings to the table. When you do have a problem, call us.

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