Rexroth Open Core Interface


The smart factory of the future collects data and provides that data for use by multiple systems. If sensors use one language and the various systems all use their own proprietary languages, you have a problem.

With Open Core Interface, the different systems and elements can talk to one another. The library of tools allows people with different backgrounds to talk to each other and to the machines. The machines can talk to one another, too. Predictive maintenance can work through Microsoft Excel and iPhones and C++.

This means you can use a wide range of devices, and shorten the learning curve for people with different skill sets. The Open Core Interface bypasses a lot of the obstacles that keep facilities from using Industry 4.0 strategies.

The Open Core approach increases efficiency, too. It allows high-level language functions and connects IoT and IT in practical ways.

Rexroth’s leadership in this area is a logical outcome of Rexroth’s overall stature in the motion control arena.

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