Rexroth Open House


Bosch Rexroth collaborated with Coventry’s Institute of Engineering and Technology to host an Open House Day at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre. The open house welcomed kids from 8 to 15 to  meet working engineers and learn what they do. Introducing engineering as a possible future career path was a big part of the motivation, and the kids got career advice to carry with them through their school years.

They also had the opportunity to try out a variety of engineering challenges. They got to build electronic circuits, for example, and to interact with a range of machines.

The Open House Day is an annual event taking place at multiple locations each year. IET researchers found that, while only 7% of parents surveyed believed that their daughters would be interested in engineering as a career, 71% of kids expressed an interest in engineering after they had information about the field presented to them.

Through events of this kind, Rexroth can help to improve the supply and demand issue faced in Europe and in the U.S. in technical fields.


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