Rexroth Part Numbers

There are a lot of numbers on Rexroth electric motion control modules. Which number is which? Which Rexroth part numbers do you need to find service and support?

There are four key types of part numbers to consider. On most labels, they will be in this order from top to bottom:

1. Manufacturer material number
2. Material designation
3. Material number
4. Serial number

Manufacturer material numbers, not surprisingly, specify the material used for a specific part. Since some materials may have different properties when it comes to electricity use or washdown environments, it can be important to specify material numbers when you’re looking for an emergency replacement unit.

Material designation is shown by the letters “TYP” — and that makes it easy to remember, because this is the designation of the type of material.

Material numbers are marked with “MNR” and have a format like “R901320289.”

Serial numbers are the final group. They are marked “SN” and offer the most specific information.

When you contact us for service or repair for your Rexroth electric motion control system, you can speed up the process by finding and identifying these numbers before you call. Our specific part pages also have descriptions and part number listings that can help you identify the precise part you need help with.

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Each of these pages leads to more specific parts within the category, with additional information that can help you determine the part for which you need support. You can order a manual for the part in question, or call 479-422-0390 for immediate service.

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