Rexroth Perfects Pharma Packaging

Getting products into packages can be difficult in any industry, but in pharmaceuticals, it includes some additional challenges. Dosages must be precise, packaging must suit the various delivery methods from syringes to oral liquids to capsules to sprays, and cleanliness is non-negotiable.

The keys to success? Precision, flexibility, and communication among all the moving parts of the motion control system.

Rexroth is showing its new pharma packaging system at this year’s Achema conference, using several example line configurations. Visitors will see how the Bosch Packaging Technology systems can integrate tablet production, freeze-drying, and washing capabilities into the packaging process for greater safety and lower costs.

Rexroth’s Indradrive motion control keeps it all going. Bosch Rexroth added Indramat electric motion control to the company mix some years back to round out their selection. Indramat machines are now Indradrive.

We can support your Indramat and Indradrive machines, from phone support to factory REMAN.

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