Rexroth Power Supply Fault Codes


Power supply fault codes are different from the error codes for servo motors, drives, and controls. The power supply module simply supplies power. The possible errors may be fewer, but there are plenty of faults beyond the diagnosis on the machine.

For example, if your voltage is incorrect, your fault codes may also be incorrect.

Color coded errors

The fault codes for power supply components like the TVD power supply module in the picture above are not digital. They’re color-coded.

These are the options you’ll see:


In each case, you may see a red light or no light at all. Some will also show a green light.

For the bleeder overload signal, no news is good news. If the display is dark, everything is fine. If it shows a red light, the braking energy is too high or there may be a fault in the module. You can try reducing drive speed and pushing the RESET button. If this doesn’t cure the fault, you may need to replace your module.

For earth con., a red light lets you know that there is an earth fault. The device will power down automatically. Check your plugs and cables, and then the power supply module itself. Replace whichever element is faulty.

If you see a green light for the aux-volt display, everything is good. While darkness is good for the preceding two displays, a dark aux-volt display means that you have a fault. Check the fuses in the power supply module and at the mains.

Power shows a green light when you have power and goes dark when you don’t have power. Check your main power source if you didn’t already check your voltage.

Colors didn’t solve it?

If you’ve checked your electricity, your cables, and your plugs and found no problems, you probably need factory repair or reman for your power supply module. Give us a call right away at 479-422-0390.

Not quite ready? Jot down our number or put it in your phone before you go any further.

Before you mess around with your power supply module, turn off the electricity and wait for all the parts to discharge. Make sure that the engine is not moving and that all the hanging axes are secured. Test for conductivity. Then touch a grounded object to make sure that you’ve discharged any stored power. This sounds cooler than it really is.

Remember that no Rexroth electric motion control module is intended to troubleshoot or repair on the machine. The cost of the downtime makes it impractical, and the chances of your being able to fix it in situ are slim. We understand that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Once you’ve done whatever other things you feel you must do before you call us, go ahead and call us. We specialize in Rexroth legacy and new electric motion control, and we will get you back up and running as fast as possible.



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