Rexroth Predictions about Manufacturing in 2025


Rexroth has a list of five things that will probably be gone in 2025.

Topping the list is the idea of replacing machinery on a certain schedule, whether it’s working or not. New sensors and the Internet of Things will let machinery tell engineers when it’s time for update or repair. That means that surprise breakdowns will probably also be a thing of the past.

Next up, printed work instructions. Instead, workers will get 3D holograms that not only give the needed instructions, but do so with the operator’s language and expertise in mind. No more guessing what to do, so safety should improve as well.

Not only will operators have the help of holograms, but they should also find life easier because they’ll be working with a single standardized user interface. Rexroth thinks that the idea of different displays and devices for different machines will be quaint by 2025, when a single wireless device will give each operator or engineer access to any device they’re authorized to use.

Of course, if the device is made by Apple, there’ll be a newer, cooler GUI every couple of years that every user will crave as soon as it’s announced.

Technical retrofitting is also on Rexroth’s goodbye list for 2025. Automated retrofitting handled entirely by software is the coming thing.

Last up on the list is quality assessment after the fact. That also means the end of reworking installations. Instead, the machinery will measure and document quality in process, and communicate with workers if they’re not functioning as planned.

Sounds like pie in the sky, doesn’t it? In the meantime, if you have issues with Rexroth electric components, legacy or new, we’re the ones to call.


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