Rexroth Protective Devices

Rexroth is about motion control. But its latest pandemic solution doesn’t move at all. Rexroth is offering modular protective devices for multiple business applications.

Glass panes with aluminum profiles can be configured for all kinds of applications. The most obvious might be creating physical protections between workers on an assembly line. The freestanding protective profiles can be placed between workstations to protect workers who cannot be separated by six feet of space.

Since they’re freely positionable, they give protection and flexibility for lines that may need to reconfigured frequently.

The panels can be suspended or attached to furniture, too, so they can provide safe conversation spaces for workers. Droplets cannot penetrate the glass or plastic panels, so they offer an alternative to social distancing for people who want to speak without masks. A protective panel can be added to a counter or suspended in a conference room. With a hatch, it can also provide a safe space for transferring documents or other objects.


While the protective panels fill an immediate need during the coronavirus pandemic, their modular nature means they’ll be useful in the future as well.

Rexroth has focused on modular design for decades. Being able to pull a unit out and replace it without tearing down a machine is one reason Rexroth’s drive and control solutions are the best on the planet.

In the same way, the glass or plastic panels and aluminum profiles can be configured for current needs and then changed for future needs. We don’t really know what the new normal will be, so maximum flexibility makes a good investment.

Rexroth service

The protective panels probably won’t need much maintenance. It’s much more impressive that most of the Rexroth electric industrial motion control we meet hasn’t needed any maintenance… sometimes for twenty or thirty years.

Often, we get a call from someone who has never even opened the cabinet for the components that now need service. They may have been commissioned before the engineer we’re talking with was born.

Because Rexroth drive & control systems are so reliable, you won’t usually have experienced troubleshooters hanging around. Give us a call instead. We offer immediate assistance.

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