Rexroth Receives $49,500 Grant

Rexroth’s Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, facility has received a $49,500 grant from the state of Pennsylvania to support its apprenticeship program in its area.

Rexroth will identify positions that will be opening up within the next two to five years. Then it will reach out to local universities and career training centers to find likely candidates for those positions. The company will match those individuals with mentors in the field who will help them develop the skills they need to fill the jobs.

It’s a practical approach to job training, and a great way to fill positions that might otherwise be hard to fill.

Industrial labor shortage

Rexroth employs more than 31,000 people worldwide. According to Deloitte, the U.S. alone could have 2.1 million unfilled factory jobs by 2030. One important reason is the skills gap: there just aren’t enough people with skills and training to fill the need in manufacturing.

The apprenticeship program takes the bull by the horns, identifying individuals who might want the jobs that Rexroth know it will need to fill. By working directly with these people, Rexroth will be in a stronger position to recruit needed talent than a more general effort at training can guarantee.

Rexroth does focus on more general training initiatives, as well as providing funds for basic needs at schools — including lunches for pupils.

But the grant allows a very granular training initiative that connects likely workers with a likely employer and makes sure they are prepared.

Pennsylvania’s program is a good example of how government, corporations, and schools can work together to solve the skills gap and lessen employment challenges.

Rexroth apprenticeships

Rexroth has a long history of apprenticeship and other educational programs. It’s just one more reason that you should feel comfortable using Rexroth industrial automation systems.

They make the best motion control equipment on the planet, and do good at the same time. That’s the kind of company we like to support.

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