Rexroth Revolutionizes 3-D Printing

Additive manufacturing, or 3-D printing, is one of the most appealing new technologies. The idea of printing out a new body part, a rapid prototype airplane part, or a lunchtime pizza captures the imagination.

But there have been obstacles to integration of additive manufacturing into the manufacturing process in the average factory. Every subsequent piece costs just as much as the first one. 3-D printers aren’t standardized — you can’t be sure that pieces made on the same printer will be identical, let alone pieces made in multiple locations. Size is often a limitation.

Yet additive manufacturing allows a level of flexibility that can’t be beat. You can make a single item, or many iterations with slight changes, without completely breaking the bank.

Now Rexroth is pairing up with a couple of other firms to create a 3-D printing machine with the kind of precision you expect of a CNC machine, and the kind of drive and control you expect from Rexroth.

This is a complete change for additive manufacturing. 3-D printing can now take its place in the practical world of Industry 4.0.

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