Rexroth Safety Technology Error Codes

You probably don’t have a favorite Rexroth error code. But if we were trying to identify everybody’s least favorite error codes, the F700s would probably get at least some mention. These are the Safety Technology Error Codes.

Over the past decade or so, Rexroth’s integrated safety technology has made an enormous difference in the safety of operators. Integrated safety technology is included in the hardware and software of Rexroth machinery. Conventional safety rules and devices should still be used. But integrated safety technology allows faster response to potential danger, with resulting decreased danger.

Some of the responses to safety concerns include automatic slow down of motor speed, withdrawal of materials or machinery, limited range of motion, or shut down of the machinery.

In preparing safety technology, machine builders have to identify the possible hazards of using the machine. Safety technology designed to reduce the hazard must be designed and included in construction. Rexroth safety technology has been independently tested and certified.

If the dangers can’t be eliminated, the users of the machine must be alerted to the hazards.

However, an error — or, more often, a group of errors — can still cause the loss of the safety function. This is where the Safety Technology error codes come into play.

Some of the specific F7XXX error codes

  • F7020 Safety related maximum velocity exceeded
  • F7030 Pos. window for safety rel. operational stop exceeded
  • F7040 Validation error parameterized – effective threshold
  • F7050 Time for stopping process exceeded

Monitors and sensors can trigger these error codes.

Since these codes are safety based, it is not a good idea to clear them and continue. The underlying problem needs to be solved before you put the machinery back in service.

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