Rexroth Saves Venice

Rexroth has been involved in plenty of exciting projects, from the Panama Canal to the Eiffel Tower. So it’s no surprise that Rexroth is involved in an important engineering effort in Venice.

Venice is not your ordinary city. It’s made up of 118 islands and 150 canals. People travel by gondola and on foot. Climate change is of course an enormous problem for a city that is entirely waterfront. In fact, experts believe that Venice will be entirely under water by the end of the century if the climate change trajectory continues as it has been.

Currently, Venice experiences daily tides that sometimes bring water above doorsteps and into buildings. Spring tides make the situation worse.

Residents of Venice are using a variety of approaches to cope with the rising tides. Metal door inserts and sandbags help keep water out of individual buildings, for example.

But there’s also the MOSE system, a series of water-filled gates that respond to rising water by pushing water out of the gates so they lift on their hinges to block the water.

Rexroth supplies the drive and control technology for the steel gates.

Will Rexroth motion control technology save Venice? Time will tell. In the meantime, we can help save your facility from the scourge of excessive downtime by servicing and supporting your Rexroth electric motion control system.

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