Rexroth Servo Drive Fault Codes: Non-fatal Errors

There are fatal errors and non-fatal errors. That doesn’t mean that the non-fatal errors are unimportant. But in some cases the fix can be very simple.

Simple solutions

You might be surprised by the number of different things that can cause a non-fatal error. And you certainly can be surprised by how many of those items can be fixed quickly and easily. Once you know.

Take F2005, Cam Shaft Invalid. This means that one of your cam shafts has an invalid profile. Just reload the profiles.

F2006, MMC Was Removed is another straightforward error — if the MMC was in fact removed. Just put it back. However, sometimes this error message is caused by a loose connection, or the module is plugged in incorrectly. Rexroth’s troubleshooting very sensibly explains what to do about this with this sentence: “If necessary, plug it in correctly.”

More complex solutions

F2018, Overtemperature Shutdown, tells you that the module overheated, and shuts it down, too. But a number of circumstances can lead to overheating. Your ambient temperature might be too high, the air conditioning in the cabinet might have failed, you might have installed the unit incorrectly so that it doesn’t have the airflow it needs, or the heat sink might be dirty. So clean the heat sink, re-install the unit according to the instructions, fix the air conditioning, or get the temperatures down. The challenge here is to figure out which of these things (or of many other possibilities) has caused the problem. Sometimes you just have to work through the list

F2032, Validation error during commutation fine adjust, can be complex. But it also may be that the motor connections were mixed up. Check that before you go looking for trouble.

F2048 Low Battery Voltage, tells you to replace the battery. Battery life is about 10 years, and plenty of Rexroth drives are still going strong long after that. In fact, sometimes we talk with people who have no idea there is a battery involved. We can provide a replacement if you need it.

Really complex solutions

Sometimes it’s not that simple. If your manual tells you to replace the unit or to replace the control section, you’ll need to give us a call. If someone tripped over the cable and it’s no longer plugged in, however, you might be able to solve the problem and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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