Rexroth Servo Motors in Forge Presses

Servo motors are perfect for forge presses because when you press metals, it might give more during one press on a spot than another spot on the same piece or from piece to piece. It’s important to be able to replicate results no matter what conditions the metal gives back. Indramat and Rexroth servo motors and drives are perfect for these applications and have been used in forging presses for decades. Check out this video:


It’s a little old  but after all,  Rexroth isn’t a newcomer to this industry. But all those Rexroth forge presses that need service and have been around the block a few times? We’re just the people to help repair and maintain your Rexroth servo drives and servo motors. Unlike metals, we don’t bend under fire. No matter what your needs, we can take care of your Rexroth servo drives and motors when they have problems.

A malfunctioning drive and control system can lead to serious accidents. Faulty components could cause the press to operate unexpectedly, move at incorrect speeds, or even lose power entirely during operation. This could put workers at risk of crushing injuries, punctures, or flying debris.

Any downtime due to a drive or control system issue disrupts production schedules and can cost the business money. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensures the press operates smoothly and efficiently.

That’s not all!

Forge presses also have other parts that accompany them, like billet loaders, that also commonly use servo technology. Loaders and other systems to deliver parts are an integral part of your system. They are just as important to care for as the forge press itself. A lot of people focus on the large machines and forget about the smaller machines when they’re concerned about maintenance. Remember that not just the big, all-important machines drive your business.

No matter how big or small, the main component servo or a small side one, we can help you take care of all of them and ensure they’re in proper working order at all times. If you need help with your servos, call us. We can even troubleshoot over the phone.

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