Rexroth Servo Overheating

Rexroth servo motors are workhorses — we get calls every week from engineers who have just discovered a Rexroth servo in their plant that’s older than they are. Often, the call to us is the first sign of trouble since someone installed the servo back in the 20th century. And while there are plenty of reasons to call for Rexroth service, one of the most common worries is Rexroth servo overheating.

Temperature limits

Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems are designed to work in a certain range of ambient temperatures. Check your manual, and you’ll see exactly the range that’s appropriate for your particular Rexroth models.

Maybe the temperature was perfect when the machinery was installed, but things have changed since then. Between climate change and aging facilities, the room your servos are working in might be a lot hotter than it used to be.

Keeping cool

There may also be some upkeep issues involved. While the newest Rexroth electric motion control systems don’t need air conditioned cabinets — or any cabinets at all — that’s not true of legacy systems.

We’ve seen more than one motion control module sitting in its controlled cabinet environment… with the cabinet door open and a fan blowing dirt in.

This bad habit not only means that the module in the cabinet isn’t getting the temperature control it needs, it also means that dirt may be getting into the machinery. Dirt is another common cause of overheating.

You may also be overworking the servo. That’s another common cause of overheating. It could be an error in the parameters, a change in the voltage your servo is receiving, or a worn part.

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