Rexroth STEM Grants


The Bosch Rexroth Corporation’s Bosch Community Fund has given $100,000 in grants supporting STEM education to Pennsylvania schools.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These are, frankly, areas in which the American educational system doesn’t always shine. Innovators in education, along with forward-thinking corporations and the government, are trying to fix that with a strong focus on STEM education.

Rexroth is helping to make that happen with grants to Lehigh University, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute and The Pennsylvania State University. The programs supported include innovative initiatives of several kinds:

  • Professional development for teachers and counselors to increase awareness of career options
  • STEM summer camps for middle schoolers
  • A summer camp for middle school girls that clues them in to the appeal of engineering as a career
  • A series of summer courses to help high school students excel in STEM studies
  • Girls in Engineering Awareness Day
  • STEM careers night
  • Orientation and mentoring to increase retention of new college students (especially women) in engineering courses
  • An Emerging Engineers program providing dual college and high school enrollment with job shadowing for high school seniors considering careers in engineering


This kind of practical yet inspirational programming may be the solution for the Skills Gap.

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