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A (seemingly) small difference can make a truly big difference. For example, Rexroth’s modular design systems make it possible to create a customized cooling system for refrigerated rail vehicles in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Since the 20th century, this approach has made the (seemingly) impossible become truly possible. Standardized modules can be selected and configured to meet the precise needs of end users faster and more cost-effectively than custom building.

For refrigerated rail vehicles, standardized modules can significantly reduce the time it takes to create a custom cooling system. With Rexroth modules, it’s down to about three months. Rexroth rail technology specialists choose the appropriate pre-made modules and configure them precisely to fit the needs of the refrigerated car in question.

Since the modules are pre-made and well tested, there’s no trial and error involved. The parts are standardized and the production systems are those developed and perfected in the course of Rexroth’s experience building automobiles.This also means that maintenance is easier. Modules can easily be replaced by an identical module, keeping downtime to a minimum. Custom built cooling systems can be hard to keep up, and if they can’t be maintained economically, they may have to be replaced — a serious investment.

Standardized modules can be used throughout a fleet, another feature that streamlines maintenance.

This doesn’t mean accepting an off-the-rack solution. Rexroth plans, designs, and configures the perfect system. Rexroth also simulates the circumstances under which the refrigerated car will be operated to make sure that there’s a precise fit.

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