Rexroth Takes on Earthquakes

Last week Indonesia was hit with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. This week another earthquake, this one of 5.9 magnitude, hit another part of Indonesia. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Cape Town. An earthquake shook the area of Hawaii which has been coping with volcanic eruptions for months.

Just another normal week in our lively world.

Earthquakes present some special problems among natural disasters. For one thing, they can’t be predicted. Tornadoes and hurricanes give some warning, but earthquakes defy prediction in spite of scientists’ best efforts.

People also generally don’t know what to do during and after an earthquake. Running away isn’t an option, and many people don’t know how to identify a safe place to stay till the movement ends. After an earthquake, there may be damage to gas lines and people may not realize that they should check.

Turkey, a nation which is subject to earthquakes, got together with Rexroth to create some attention-grabbing educational resources.

The Turkey Earthquake Foundation collaborated with Rexroth to create a mobile earthquake simulator. On its first tour of the country, 100,000 people had the opportunity to experience a realistic earthquake through Rexroth motion control.

When people walk into the mobile simulator, they find themselves in a space that looks like an ordinary room. Soon, Rexroth’s motion control creates the feeling of an earthquake. Educators from the foundation are on hand to discuss earthquake safety and answer questions.

Rexroth has also helped to build earthquake simulators in Italy.

Simulators are essential for education, and  they can also help researchers learn more about earthquake-safe construction, as well as increasing general knowledge about earthquakes.

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