Rexroth Tunneling Technology Training

Rexroth will partner with Malaysian engineering firm Gamuda Engineering to raise construction skills in Malaysia. Tunneling is the particular focus of the new training academy.

With concern over COVID-19 continuing to affect workers globally, automation of tunneling will make it possible for operators to run the machinery from a distance instead of working closely together.

The Tunneling Training Academy, in Shah Alam, Malaysia, is the world’s first digital tunneling training program. It uses Industry 4.0 training modules to train construction workers to use digital tunnel boring machines.

Trained workers will then have the opportunity to become trainers themselves, allowing the Tunneling Training Academy to operate with home-grown talent in Malaysia in the future.

Data, too

Greater safety and greater productivity are the primary goals of the new approach to tunneling. However, the new technology also collects more data and allows remote analysis of that data. Workers will be able to foresee technical issues with equipment. Unplanned downtime will be minimized, and costs can be controlled better.

Automation brings benefits like these to companies around the world, and Rexroth has been part of these benefits for more than a century.

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