Rexroth Wall Assist

Rexroth Wall Assist is a new safety feature for mobile machines. The SENSE+ joystick vibrates when the machine is ink danger of making contact with a wall. Instead of an alarm or beeping, which can either startle a driver or get lost in the ambient noise, the vibrations gently but clearly alert the driver to the danger in time for him or her to adjust.

The SENSE+ joystick is intended to provide a robust interface between the machine and its operator, leading to greater precision and safety in operating mobile machines.

A new approach to safety

Safety has been a priority for Rexroth for many years. But we have plenty of evidence that people sabotage safety efforts and ignore safety regulations. A change in the environment that makes the tasks less dangerous is a better solution than safety rules.

This is where innovations like Wall Assist can make a difference. Instead of focusing on convincing people to be careful, it improves awareness of danger in an automatic fashion. The vibrations can be programmed to provide intuitive communication with the driver. There are 156 configurations right out of the box.

The joystick is available in right or left handed models, and can create a range of haptic patterns with different meanings. The driver can be alerted to operator errors, looming obstacles, or mechanical issues, as needed.

Rexroth developed the technology on the basis of a survey of machine operators around the world.

Rexroth quality

Rexroth keeps showing the quality and insight that characterizes their motion control systems in many different ways. This combination of know-how and human concern plus their enduring quality explains why we are specialists in Rexroth systems.

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