Rexroth Warnings

Rexroth error codes tell you that your Rexroth electric motion control component has a problem of some kind. Chances are good that it will stop working, and in fact that’s probably why you went and looked at it and saw the error code in the first place. Rexroth warnings are something different.

There are fatal warnings, which will generally also mean that your unit will stop working. And of course, if you ignore the warning, you are likely to end up with an error message and a machine that stops working.

This is why we don’t really like to get calls that start with, “I’ve been getting this warning message like every hour, even though I shut it off every time.”

Monitoring is a good thing.

Rexroth devices are monitored for a lot of things, from temperature to parameters. You don’t want the machines that control your industrial robots to have a casual, laissez faire attitude toward how far that robot arm moves. You don’t want a madcap temperature control or a “let’s see what happens” approach to factors that can cause your motor to explode. Monitoring is a good thing.

So monitoring is built right into Rexroth machinery. Sometimes the unit shows a status that will not keep it from doing its job, but which is still not what is expected. Sometimes this can be an issue that will, if it’s not fixed, turn into a real problem. If your machine thinks that the surprising status will lead to an error in the future, it’s going to warn you now.

That’s the point of warnings. They’re not really supposed to make you think, “Oh well, it’s just a warning. I’ll clear it and go on with my day.” There’s no point in getting irritated when you keep seeing that warning. You’re seeing it because you haven’t fixed the problem.

In fact, warnings should not be cleared. When you do some workaround that makes it go away, you haven’t actually cleared it. You’re going to see it again until the problem is actually fixed.

Clearing it and moving on is equivalent to getting vexed with your doctor because every time you go to the office you get these darned high blood pressure readings.

Take action.

Say your IndraDrive shows a warning E2051. This is your warning that the motor is heating up and will soon be over the advisable temperature. At that point, it will shut down, your machinery will grind to a halt, and yelling will ensue.

Go ahead and take action when you get the warning.

Not sure what action to take? Give us a call. We’re Rexroth electric motion control system experts. We provide phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. You’ll be back in business fast.

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