Rexroth Wins 2017 Innovation Award

22,000 industry leaders surveyed and 250 members of the Berlin Institute for Innovation and Technology concluded that Rexroth’s parent company, Bosch Rexroth, rose to the top of thousands of companies to shine as the Most Innovative company in 2017.

Georg Ludwig Rexroth started a water-powered mill for making iron hammers in 1795, beginning a tradition of innovation for Rexroth. The company continued to create innovative products and processes for tools and machines over the centuries, and extended its reach beyond Germany to a global presence.

In 1965, Rexroth acquired Indramat, an electric drive and control company that had made an international reputation in servo motors and industrial motion control. Rexroth continued to produce the Indramat brand until the beginning of the 21st century, when they renamed their electric motion control “IndraDyn” and “IndraDrive.” Rexroth continues to provide some of the best electric industrial motion control on the planet.

In 1979, Rexroth developed the world’s first maintenance-free AC servomotor. In subsequent decades, Rexroth developed bold new technologies for stage technology, the first web-fed printing press with a shaft-less drive, and the first motor-integrated servo controller.

Rexroth continues to be an innovator in the field, trailblazing Industry 4.0 applications.

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Congratulations, Rexroth!

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