Rexroth Wows the Trade Shows

Rexroth strutted plenty of drive and control stuff at FABTECH 2016 and at PACK EXPO 2016.

Among the most popular demonstrations at FABTECH were the newest scalable, computer numerically controlled (CNC) solutions for fabricating and welding. The new IndraMotion equipment can use literally up to hundreds of axes, allowing a level of precision that cannot be matched elsewhere.

The cabinet-free electric drive systems continue to dazzle show participants. With these systems, drive enclosures can be mounted directly to the machine to free up floor space. This innovation attracted eyes at PACK EXPO as well.

PACK EXPO also included a special tour of Rexroth technologies. This included not only demonstrations at the Rexroth booth, but also at the booths of some Rexroth customers. This gave attendees a chance to see new technology in play in a variety of situations. Rexroth plays (and works, obviously) well with others, so seeing these examples helped attendees get over the idea that they must source their motion control solutions from the same companies that produce their more specialized machinery.

PACK EXPO materials singled out Pepperidge Farm as an example. Rexroth is just part of the new system that has robots packaging cases of Goldfish crackers. The system packs 450 bags a minute, increasing productivity without increasing losses.

The trade shows certainly sent attendees home with big ideas. We look forward to sharing more great stories in the future.

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