Rexroth’s Assembly Plant of the Year Award

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Rexroth’s Fountain Inn, South Carolina, plant has been honored with the Assembly Plant of the Year Award for 2016. The largest of Rexroth’s U.S. factories, Fountain Inn produces specialized equipment for agriculture and construction industry needs. Most items produced at this factory are custom designed and made to order. Yet the cutting-edge technology here keeps production lean and efficient.

The first priority for the plant is to meet the needs of local customers, but they also produce goods for import to Europe, Asia, and other countries in North America. With two machine shops, nine assembly lines, a paint shop, and vertically integrated logistics, engineering, and development operations, the Fountain Inn campus is an excellent example of forward-thinking manufacturing.

Customization is the trend that has presented the greatest challenge, but Rexroth has risen to that challenge by doubling the size of the facility in the past four years and adding new types of technology that allow a greater degree of customization without sacrificing delivery speed. Small lot sizes and a demand for quick prototyping has required new technologies.

The demand for more environmentally sustainable operations has also been a driving force behind the changes that have been taking place at Fountain Inn. Smaller motors and reduced speeds have been among the most common responses to new environmental regulations, but those changes call for innovative adaptations to keep power production where it needs to be.

Plant manager Mike McCormick was quoted as saying,”“Our next-generation system integrates material handling and logistics into the assembly process.” This Industry 4.0 approach allows Rexroth to meet local needs sustainably.

The expansion of the facility has also led to 300 new jobs for the community.

It’s satisfying to see this dedication to excellence and innovation pay off. But we also know that many legacy Rexroth electric motion control components are still in service. Whether you use legacy parts or the newest Rexroth electric components, we’ve got your back. Contact us for all your Rexroth service and support needs.

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