Rexroth’s New Sensor Platform

Rexroth is a key player in Industry 4.0. One of the most important aspects of Industry 4.0 is the gathering of data from machines. So it’s no surprise that Bosch Rexroth is in the forefront of industrial sensors.

They’re rolling out the Cross Domain Development Kit XKD at the SPS IPC trade fair, going on now in Nuremburg. The XDK includes these sensors:

  • acceleration
  • rotation rate
  • magnetic field
  • humidity
  • air pressure
  • temperature
  • ambient volume
  • digital light sensor

This makes the XKD perfect for preventive maintenance and performance tracking applications, but the platform is also designed to fulfill other IIoT needs.

The new XDK sensor platform will be using XDK Live programming language, an open source solution from the Eclipse Foundation. Using open source languages increases the collaborative opportunities, leading to more and faster innovation.

XDK Live is also designed to be easy to use. It doesn’t require in-depth hardware knowledge, and it’s intentionally easy to learn. Some manufacturers find that learning appropriate machine language is a barrier for taking on new industrial technologies. Sending your engineers back to school is no longer the only solution. XDK Live is intended to be highly accessible to beginners — or people who feel like they’ve already learned as many programming languages as they care to.

The XDK connects with the Bosch IoT Cloud, which has been certified by independent testers as a highly secure option. That means Rexroth invited hackers to try to get in. The level of security is impressive. It also works with other cloud services.

These characteristics make the XDK a great choice for retrofitting. We see over and over that Rexroth doesn’t require starting over from scratch. Adding sensors to legacy machines allows you to invest in new technology when you need it, and not when you don’t.

One of our missions is to make sure that your new and legacy Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems continue to work as long as they possibly can… and that they work well together. Call us for all your Rexroth support needs.

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